A little story...


   Sally was wandering through The Rosebud Vintage Bazaar one day and found the most stunning original 1940's dress made of floral silk. She was completely mesmerised by it's divine shaping, piped panel work and elegant drape - she simply HAD to have it. With her love of 40's era styling and her background as a couturier seamstress, Sally decided that she was going to

re-create this incredible piece by making a pattern from the original dress ( as it was sadly beyond repair ) She created two different versions of the dress and took the new pieces back to the Bazaar to show the owner Helen, as she knew her to be a kindred spirit with an enthusiasm for vintage era clothing and styling.

Helen was so excited to see the two 1940's style dresses and was completely blown away with the quality, attention to detail and era styling shown...that a seed the size of an oak tree was planted there and then! You see, Helen had been working on a side project, designing an era based clothing collection, of all the beautiful pieces as worn by the likes of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Stunning gowns that she knew were not readily available anymore.

She dreamed of creating these glorious, feminine pieces for the modern pinup, an homage to this elegant bygone era.

With Helen’s background in Vintage buying, styling, marketing and business management, the wick of her entrepreneurial brain was quickly ignited as to how wonderful a partnership this could be.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle in bringing this vision of gorgeousness to fruition had arrived, in the form of Sally the Seamstress! They got on like a house on fire, with such similar vision, enthusiasm for style, material knowledge and vintage styling ideas, synchronicity at it's finest, each being the final piece of the puzzle for each other.


At that moment, 'The Vintage Seamstress' brand was born. 


We hope that you love our beautiful era inspired clothing range as much as we do. Enjoy wearing it with a smile of confidence and individuality. Life is short...wear your favourite lingerie, wear all your best jewellery, drink and eat from your best crockery my darlings, for you are all divine in your own unique way.


“Be a Peacock, in a world full of Pigeons”   

Helen Berting


 Owner, co designer, marketing manager of The Vintage Seamstress,

     The Rosebud Vintage Bazaar and Peninsula Pickers.

Previously : Rosebud Vintage Market

     Redheads Dance Classes - all styles

     Rock n Roll and Latin Events on the Peninsula 

     Hairdresser and owner of the Long Hair Salons

     Guest teacher at TAFE and Long Hair Upstyling seminars across Australia

     for Goldwell.

     Water Colour Artist 

     Jewellery designer and classes

Generally : Loves Colour, family, vintage everything, Pinup lifestyle, Peacocks, pets,

     language, travel enthusiast, unique people and all things positive and feminine.

Sally Crann


Summer season 2015/16 co designer, artist, pattern maker, clothing sample seamstress.

Previously : Wedding gown and evening wear seamstress for D'Italia and

     Marianna Hardwick.

     Visual Merchandiser.

Generally : Loves 1930's - 40's clothing, Scotland, travelling, designing and sewing for a     

     living in her house by the sea.